Dept of Justice wants to pursue social networks

You would think that the Department of Justice would have better things to do than to chase after people who report false weight on or have a second identity on Facebook. Apparently the priorities at the Department of Justice under Eric Holder chooses to chase down social network violators rather than Black Panthers who engage in voter intimidation. So apparently false information is more dangerous and threatening than bullying voters. This is the same department that Radical Muslims are demanding to make criticizing Islam (Mohammedism) a crime.

This latest news item is worth reading. According to the article, the DOJ wants more prosecutorial power in these areas since they “jeopardize prosecutions involving identity theft, misuse of government databases, and privacy invasions”. The statement about government databases was of particular interest. Since when is Facebook and or any other social network site a ‘government database’? The comment by the Richard Downing, the Justice Department’s deputy computer crime chief may reveal more about their true motives behind the empire’s actions. He may have revealed more than he intended. Is it that the social networks are being used as the government’s database? If you are using a fictitious identity, whose identity is stolen? and whose privacy is invaded with such errors in reporting? Downings comment is very telling for anyone who can connect the dots on the empire and their actions.

The article goes on to state,

“The Justice Department claims to have an interest in enforcing Terms of Use and computer use policies under the CFAA, but its examples mostly consist of cases in which the conduct described has already been criminalized by statutes other than the CFAA.”

It is worth noting how the DOJ claims to ‘have an interest’. What is the DOJ’s legal standing in a relationship between the user and the social network. There is no room in such an arrangement for a government agent. The DOJ is stepping into that space and now wants to be the enforcer of such agreements. In other words, they want the role of ‘cyber cop’.

I also find the word ‘criminalize’ of interest. This is just the latest action where laws are used to create crimes where none existed before. This is just the latest “malum in re“, an act that is termed illegal based solely on the law, not on any social or religious morals. These acts are not wrong because they are evil, they are wrong because the empire has intentionally made them a crime.

The whole episode shows how messed up the justice department is in terms of priorities. I thought the Bush II regime’s Justice Department was out of whack by focusing on porn ahead of protecting the border. This regime is even more out to lunch. Instead of protecting us from boobs and prosecuting illegal boobs, now they let the illegals go, have the boobs enforce the law and turn us into the criminals.

If nothing else, the Obama regime provides lots of laughs.

We need common sense in laws. We need common sense in what the government focuses its attention. Instead of people who lie about their age, weight or have a fictitious avatar, we need people who protect the borders from criminal immigrants, enforce the laws according to the Constitution, and bust criminal politicians. In other words we need a government that respects the limits of the law rather than criminalizing social network activities.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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