DHS to monitor Social Media

Now Homeland Security (a misnomer if there ever was) is taking steps to monitor the social media networks like twitter for any signs of social unrest. The government think tank is now attempting to profile trouble-makers and identify patterns of social unrest.

This tells me that their investment with start up capitol in social network sites have not given them the kind of information they wanted. Since the government is not allowed to have such detailed networks themselves, they pay for others to do their dirty work in collecting personal information on the citizenry. Although the citizenry have generally complied with the requests, they now want MORE! (no surprise here).

Apparently the social unrest in Tunisia, Egypt and other locations have concerned them. Now that Occupy Wall Street is growing out of control and turning ugly, they are using the unrest to promote MORE government interventions. Never mind that the government had a big hand in Occupy Wall Street from the beginning and openly supports it. What remains to be seen is will those who support OWS pay for the damage inflicted on personal property and businesses. Bear in mind, that the colonists paid for all that tea they damaged in Boston harbor. Will Occupy Oakland pay the port, Whole Foods and other businesses they destroyed? There is a vast difference between vandals and patriots in their methods and behaviors. ‘By their fruits, ye shall know them’ makes it very clear what kind of fruits we are dealing with with the Occupy movement.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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