More Censorship is coming!

Verigsign, which manages all the .com and .net IP addresses is seeking the power to shut down ‘abusive’ websites. They want to be able to shut down sites whenever a government or government official asks them too. They want to be able to shut down non-legitmate domain names when requested to do so. Such requests may sound innocent, yet leaving the determination of what constitutes abuse in the hands of politicians is always dangerous.

What this means is that the mechanisms are already in place or getting in place to shut down key portions of the internet that exercise their freedom of speech and speak out against the chosen politicians or speak out on issues that are deemed ‘unacceptable’. (I wonder if that will apply to stories such as “Are these 5 White Politicians Racist (or just Bigots).” Such stories make claims and associations that are used to instill fear, rather than find the facts. In their attack on Perry, they cite his defense of the Confederate flag. I guess the writers at “News One” have not done their research on Black Confederates. Had they done their research, they would have found that more blacks served in Texas under the Confederate flag than under the Union flag in that War of Invasion, but ….doing research would make them a credible news source and require more effort, rather than fear mongering.

I expect any story that is not with the party line will become suspect. Fear mongering will likely become more rampant.

We need a free press. We need a return of our liberties and a government that increases rather than decreases liberty.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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