Smart Meters are not your friend

Although the Smart Meter and Smart grid are being touted as the preferred way to go, rest assured that when the empire is supporting it, it is not good. There are three main reasons why the Smart Meter and Smart Grid are not your friends.

1. Threats to your Health
2. The risk of being hacked
3. The government’s tendency to abuse power

There is a growing body of evidence that Smart Meters pose risks to your health. Some early research has found that they pose a risk. The health issues have not been settled on this technology

With any two-way communication, there is a risk of being hacked. The smart grids which are in place have already experienced this. . If there have already been attacks, how will they prevent future ones? Remember that the military drones have also been hacked, so if the military can not protect its own toys, how can they protect the energy grid?

Since the empire abuses power like and ungrateful child. The power to monitor and control the amount of energy you and your family use will be too tempting a plum for them to avoid. If they can take full control of the energy grid, they will change lifestyles and restructure society in a new manner. Rather than allow things to unfold as part of a natural progress, they will tweak and redirect so that those elements of society they deem important get the power rather than you and your family. Not only are smart meters not your friend, the federal government is not either.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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