More strong arm federal raids! From cheese and milk to guitars

In another heavy handed move, the empire showed its power by raiding a guitar factory with locations in Memphis and Nashville. Agents from the Fish and Wildlife Service raided Gibson guitars and are mum regarding what it was for as they stole (seized) property at the locations. Bear in mind the feds were not enforcing US law, but rather their interpretation of the Laws of India/Madagascar!

Experts suspect the raids have something to do with ebony wood being used in the instruments. If the wood comes from sources not approved of (according to Indian law), the federal authorities jump in. How is it that the feds do not enforce our laws on immigration, but will enforce the laws of other nations on US citizens? Never mind that the borders of our own nation are not protected, or our people are protected from the criminal acts of illegal immigrants, …THEY will enforce and protect us from illegal wood products, and enforce the laws of other nations.

To make matters worse, Gibson guitars was told by the regime, that if they outsourced their work to Madagascar, their problems would ‘just go away’.

At this rate, they will begin enforcing toilet bowl sizes and shower heads in order to make sure that they comply with meddlesome federal regulations.

The empire’s federal force has now moved from raiding a family cheese farm in Missouri (Morningland) to raw milk as in the Rawsome Milk raid to Guitars.

The use of raw power in raiding cheese, milk and guitars as potential threats to the public, while allowing immigrants with anti-American views and underwriting their relocation is tolerated shows some social schizophrenia in this regime.

We need a government that focuses on the real threats to American lives. We need a government that secures the borders from illegal immigrants. Instead of meddlesome regulations, we need liberty to play whatever guitar we choose, eat whatever food we wish and to go where we wish without government interference.

Liberty for Texas and the South!

J Murrah

Update: On 25 January 2013, the Morningland dairy was raided. Here is some of the video.

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