The regime’s tractor gambit

There has been intense debate about the empire’s Department of Transportation recommendations on those driving tractors. The department (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) issued a new regulation that “require anyone using farm equipment to obtain a Commercial Drivers License”. This was accomplished by re-classifying farm equipment so that it would fall under these new guidelines.

When Texas Governor Rick Perry made reference to the new regulation, the DOT was fast to deny that any changes had been made. Although technically, the DOT did not require the drivers licenses for tractor operators, the changes proposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration do. This creates a ‘plausible deniability” on the behalf of the federal bureaucrats. They can deny the changes, due to technicalities. The deniability is an attempt to make Perry look bad while providing cover for the regime and its ever-expanding control games.

Bottom line, the government are making more red tape every day, rather than reducing it. They do not like looking foolish or bad, or being caught in the middle of their scams. Make no mistake, the empire wants all the control it can put its paws on. This is the same government that raided rawsome foods and wants Morningside Family Farm to destroy its cheeses, because they are not playing the government’s control games. The empire is no friend of farmers or of family values. It has shown that in its policies and priorities. It cannot protect the border, but they sure can conduct SWAT raids on dairies and family farms.

We need a return to sane government that protects the borders rather than meddles with tractor driving, family farms and what kind of milk people drink. We need a government that leaves the people alone who are minding their own business and feeding their own families.

Liberty for Texas and the South!

J Murrah

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