Empire’s boots on Texas throats: The EPA vs Texas war

The heavy boot of the empire is on the throat of Texas again! In the latest usurping of Constitutional authority, the EPA has implemented rulings regarding sulphur dioxide that strangle power companies in Texas. One area that will be hit hard is that of electricity generation. Rather than have Texas become a shining light and lead economic recovery, the Obama regime and the EPA want to hamstring Texas. The regulations will increase electricity cost, and lead to further job losses.

What makes matters worse is that the EPA did not allow public comments or input before implementing the regulations. (No free speech here folks). Although public comment periods are allowed before major changes, this one came without any comments.

In politics, nothing happens by accident. Even the timing of such heavy handed policies. What remains to be seen is whether this is the Obama regime yanking Perry’s chain and telling him to back down, or if the Obama regime is doing everything in his power to stifle economic recovery so that we will accept his policies without question. I just wonder where are all those CONgress critters who talk so much about protecting people when the EPA and the Obama regime do things like this? I know where Lloyd Doggett is. He was just praising the EPA on what they are doing and wanting them to do MORE!

Compare this with Ted Poe, who acknowledges that the EPA is at war with Texas and denounces them for their heavy handedness.

The choices are clear folks. Some of the CONgress critters are aiding and abetting the EPA in its war against Texas, while others are standing up to the EPA.

We do not need CONgress critters wanting the EPA to do more to Texas- We need CONgress critters to tell them to do less!

We need the Feds out of Texas! We need less Federal regulation and meddling!

We need liberty! We need a free South, where the people can be productive and earn a living for their families rather than expect handouts from the government troughs.

J Murrah

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