Freedom of the Press: A Southern Tradition

I was struck by the story about how CAIR wants the book, Muslim Mafia pulled from shelves across the empire. It always seems that bullies are intimidated by truth. Abraham Lincoln saw to it that the newspapers that were not supportive of him and his regime were shut down. Tyrants and bullies often seek to squelch the truth.

President Jefferson Davis reminded us “Truth crushed to the earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again”. It seems that the Mohammedean bullies and the tyrant loving empire have yet to learn the truth of that saying. They continue using censorship and buying people off as a way to shape public opinion.

Truth and freedom of the press are Southern traditions. During the President Davis administration, the presses were not shut down. Even when they were outspoken about Davis, they continued operating without government interference. If the South would have won, can you imagine what today’s internet would look like? Rather than a regime trying to control it, the leadership would find better ways of using it and the freedoms it promotes.

Rather than being intimidated by the truth, the South celebrates the truth. Once truth is out in the open, the public will decide whether or not books like ‘Muslim Mafia’ have a place, rather than censoring it on the front end.

Liberty for Texas and the South!

J Murrah

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