The Fed show its true colors!

The federal reserve bank in Richmond decided to show its colors. Claiming to be honoring a month to honor immoral behavior, the Fed (a private corporation) displayed the rainbow flag outside of the Richmond, Virginia branch. Funny, I do not recall the Fed flying the Confederate flag during Confederate history month.

The good side of the issue is that people are speaking out about it and standing up against it.

In some ways, it could be a distraction from the plans to shift into QE3 (Quantitative Easing 3: e.g. printing more money, which devalues the current Yankee currency). Some economist view this corporation as the source of the present economic problems rather than the solution.

The corporation is a blight on the economic and cultural landscape of the South, which we would be better off without. We do not need a central bank, or corporation that functions as a central bank. This all stems from Alexander Hamilton’s extreme ideas. They were wrong at the time of the Confederation of States, and they are wrong now.

We would all be better off with the Fed getting out of the South, and take the federal government with you!

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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