Forget Fukishima, we have radioactive water problems in Texas!

Will Rogers once commented that no one is safe when Congress (or the State Legislature) is in session. Truer words were never spoken. The latest outrage concerns water. It seems that the TCEQ has been under fire for the quality of water in Texas. Presently, there are high levels of radiation in some of the water supplies. The government agencies have actually been covering up the radiation levels.

These pose significant health concerns for all Texans.

If that is not enough to boil your water and your blood, then there is the Trans-Texas Water Highway that is currently being planned. If you thought that the Trans-Texas Corridor was bad, this is worse. Where is all the water coming from for this highway you might ask. Well, it is being taken from Texans and then Texans are being charged for it.

Rather than water being considered as something belonging to the property owner or land owner, it is now being considered a commodity to be shipped around and sold. Plans may be underway to sell your water and access to your water supply. What this amounts to is that your neighbor can suck all the water out of the ground and sell it out from under you.

The Trans-Texas Water Corridor is a potential threat to all of us. We all need water. This is something that concerns all Texans.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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