The Empire makes a power play for water

In the latest power grab by the empire, the EPA wants to draft interpretive guidelines to seize control of water supplies. The ground work for this power grab goes back to the recently passed Clean Water Act. Although on the surface, the act did not look so dangerous, there were some who warned about how it would be interpreted. I recall writing my CONgress Critter and local media sources about this. At the time, they dismissed my concerns with references to the bill and painted my concerns as alarmist at the time. Now, the EPA is proving that my concerns were justified.

The issue of water is critical to Texas and the South. This is a matter of concern that needs attention. The recent guidelines issues by the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers where they redefine water source is a threat to our access to water and other natural resources. The new guidelines give the agencies authority even over private sources of water.

There is a brief 60 day comment period. It is time to act before it is too late.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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