More Propaganda out of Arizona!

I could not make this stuff up. The “National Institute for Civil Discourse” has been set up by the University of Arizona. As honorary heads, they have chosen former regime heads of Clinton and George H W Bush. The preposterous aspect of having such men as heads bespeaks propaganda in LARGE PRINT. Clinton armed many Mohammedeans in the Balkans. He took American sons and daughters into harm’s way in Bosnia and Kosovo. Some civility. If you don’t do what we tell you, we will kill you diplomacy at its’ best. When the courageous Michael New (a Texan) spoke out concerning his refusal to be a tool of the UN, he was court martialed. Even though Clinton did not have the authority to send US troops in there, since Congress did not stop him, he was given de facto approval.

Look at George H W Bush, who masterminded Desert Storm/Shield as part of his diplomacy. Some civility there ‘eh. How about his lying concerning his presence in Dallas the day JFK was shot? Civil communication—no way. How about his dad’s (Prescott Bush) coordination with the Hitler’s Nazi regime?, not very civil, but according to the mainstream media, who cares? How about how George H W Bush has been buddies with the Wahabbi regime in Suadi Arabia? Some civility there. Few people remember that George H W Bush’s company, Zapata offshore was involved it the Bay of Pigs fiasco. I haven’t forgotten, but apparently those that define what civility in political discourse have.

I want to know how the Bay of Pigs, Illegal invasions of Bosnia, Meddling in the affairs of other nations and back room dealing is civility.

Southrons! Beware of such propaganda. These men were not civil, nor are they friends of the South. When the Powers that be elevate them to such positions, it is glorifying their kind of one-world mindedness and making these bloody handed butchers heroes.

We need Statesmen like Jefferson Davis or Alexander Stephens as examples of civility, not butchers like Bush and Clinton.

We need liberty rather than propaganda.

Liberty for Texas and the South!

J Murrah

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