Groupthink in Austin: Guns for groceries

In the latest example of groupthink (e.g. where many people just follow the crowd rather than thinking for themselves), a lamebrain plan to get guns off the streets of Austin was launched. In the program of guns for groceries, many Austinites gave up their weapons. I was blown away at the response of people lining up to give up their guns for grocery vouchers (assuming it was not a staged event). The media gave the event positive coverage making it look like ‘good’ Austinites give up their guns. The whole episode confirms that there are many fools in Austin who fall for lame brain ideas. Many of those in line could have gotten more for their guns at pawn shops or gun shows (oh, I forgot, Austin give gun shows a hard time). The people could have received more for their guns at those venues than the pittance they received in this program. Participation in such programs does not make financial sense or political sense. They are giving up tools of freedom for their stomachs, which they will need to refill in less than a week.

I used the term groupthink to describe the phenomena. I recognize that this occurs at colleges and in classrooms across the South. People are being told what to think along with what is ‘acceptable’ in terms of attitudes and actions. They are living to get permission rather than exercising liberties. It is no wonder that Austin is where the smart grid technology is being launched as well. The sheeple line up to give up their guns, what is to stop them from from lining up to give up other liberties as well (such as the smart grid). Is it any wonder that Austin receives many federal funds? They are some well-trained sheeple in that city. It is a paradox that the University located there brags about how they change the world, when they can’t manage to instill some free thinking people who willingly sell out their liberties for a few trinkets and more dependency.

Liberty for Texas and the South!

J Murrah

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