State of the Union?

The head of the regime gave his State of the Union speech last night. It was clear from his speech that he does not have a clue as to the true ‘State of the Union’ and the issues that people are concerned about. Yes he made sure to mention what the polls say are important, but little was said about how the people have lost confidence in government and are fed up with this regime forcing things upon the citizenry. The speech also had policies based on blatant lies.

The tone used by the Usurper was undignified to say the least. Threatening the Senate and bad mouthing the Supreme Court were not good moves. Here he is dependent on them to maintain his office and he turns around and attacks them. His actions show either a lack of awareness of such basic issues or that he is so narcissistic that he sees nothing wrong with his actions. I suspect that he is narcissistic. His rantings were more akin to Chavez or Castro than to the statesmanship of a President. Bear in mind that the Senate and Supreme Court would be key players in deciding the legitimacy of his citizenship and address impeachment issues. He apparently does not recognize those as possibilities.

It is also sickening to see all the Obama zombies march in lock step in support of his policies. He could tell them “eat dirt” and they would all immediately do it without question and begin chanting “eating dirt is good for America. Obama want us to eat dirt”. Within a short amount of time, there would be pointy headed scientific panels with reports supporting the benefit of eating dirt. A movement would then sprout up about how eating dirt will save the planet.

Does his actions inspire leadership? Is the status of the States better than it was before he took office? Is the economic situation better since he took office? Is the nation a safer place since he took office? These are key questions in assessing his State of the Union speech (or in computer talk SOTU).

In a free South, the banks would not have intrusive federal controls, neither would the government take over industries. The people would be free to make choices themselves whether to succeed or fail. It would be their choices. There would be no government support or subsidy for mass murder whether in imperialistic wars or in support of abortion.

There would be enforcement of immigration laws, with immediate deportation. Private property would be respected, rather than seen as something else for the government to seize.

Liberty for Texas and the South!

J Murrah

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