Liberty or Equality?

In viewing an old propaganda film put out by the empire, I was reminded of the central question separating Yankees and Southron. During the War for Southern Independence. Liberty and the associated rights that come with it were paramount for the southern cause. The Yankee cause, on the other hand was about "equality". Southrons considered equality important in the sense that all men are equal in accountability before the law. They did not believe that all men are equal in their abilities and capacities. They developed this idea from years of recognizing that men were not equal in their capacities. In the Constitution some professions are treated unequally, receiving government protection. Artists, lawyers, politicians and writers have traditionally been given more protections than laborers, farmers, tinsmiths, etc.  This was recognized. Even in Scripture the idea that "to whom much is given, much is expected" was seen as what was expected.

This all changed after the war. With the Yankees attaining military superiority, they lorded over us their idea of enforced equality. Their equality was different. It stated that equal opportunities are given to all, regardless of ability. Goods are to be distributed equally, we are to provide for our children and the children of others equally, we are to care for our parents and the parents of others equally, etc. The emphasis on equality hearkens straight out of the French Revolution and its ideas.

The North and South have two different visions concerning equality and governments role in equality. The Yankees believe it is government’s job to enforce it. The South does not believe it is government’s job, but rather that people have to prove themselves as equals. Equality comes about through your performance, not by government mandate.

In the propaganda film, "A Prelude to War", the emphasis was placed on the Yankee view of equality, and that it was the responsibility of the US to enforce equality around the world. This is what has been used, and will likely be used again as a goad to force us into war. The present Empire has placed equality above liberty. Families from other nations should be given an ‘equal’ chance at the American dream is what they are saying. While Mordor on the Potomac is preaching this, our liberties are being eroded.

We need to once more make liberty a priority. Some nations do not have a traditions of liberty and if you give it to them, they will not know what to do with it. Much like primitive peoples used toilets as water bowls to fetch water from when first exposed to them because they did not know better. Afghanistan and Iraq do not have a tradition of freedom. We will not be able for force on them what their culture has never produced. (While I am at it, Kosovo did have a tradition of freedom, but Klinton and his cronies supported the other side in opposing liberty for those people).

This is a critical item to consider, whether to pursue liberty or equality? Although you can say the manta "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", these qualities will never be equal. One will always prevail. When it prevails, the others will suffer. This is a lesson from the French revolution, Mexican Independence, and the War for Southern Independence.

Let us aspire for liberty

Let us aspire for a Free Texas

J Murrah

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