The Relentless Attack on Southern Culture

Some critics dismiss the claim by Southerners that their culture is under attack are paranoid. By making such claims, the critics do not have to consider what is being said. On visiting the store today, I looked at the movies for sale. There always seems to be some movie that makes traditional Southerners look bad. Whether it is some movie extolling the virtues of meddling civil rights workers, small town judges, Southern social mores, or uneducated hicks, they find some way to paint and re-paint the culture in a negative light. The painting and re-painting is almost as if they have to repeatedly whitewash the fence to keep those uppity Southerners in their place. It is sad that Hollywood and the Yankee establishment have to put down the South in order to feel good about themselves and make Southerners feel guilty about their past.

The way the films come out, it is as if a constant reprogramming or re-construction effort is continually underway. As Southron, we need to resist those stereotypes and challenge them. Don’t buy their stinkin’ movies. If Southrons were more careful about their purchases, then Hollywood would wake up to the reality of what is not selling. Southrons could riot, but it is not in the nature of honorable people to use such tactics, unlike other groups who consider rioting a viable way of expressing their disapproval.

I tried watching some of the History channel’s program on Sherman. I knew better than to try. The half-truths presented were appalling. I was wondering when the trumpets were going to sound announcing the arrival of the royal robe and crown for him. He was vulgar, cruel and vindictive. His actions reveal what kind of man he was. Scripture tells us that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Sherman’s actions illustrate in vivid terms his duplicitous ways. Idealizing this man who orchestrated wanton destruction of the Southern peoples and the Indian nations is typical for Yankees to do. Even in his attitude toward African-Americans Sherman was not humane by any stretch of the imagination. In today’s terms, he was "a hater". For the Yankee establishment to embrace him and portray him in such a favorable light also says a lot about the History channel. They are clearly more interested in a political agenda than one based on facts. The carefully selected choices of commentators insured a favorable view of Sherman and his atrocious acts.

The answer to such things is to support good Southern writers. Ed DeVries just published a book, The Christian Generals Volume III – Brigadier-General Richard Montgomery
Brian Cisco just published War Crimes Against Southern Civilians  through Pelican Press. Getting the truth out is important. I have been reading my proof copy of my latest book, Texans Always Move Them: A True History of Texas, which should be available by mid-May. Get the truth instead of Hollywood’s version of it.

Free Dixie, Not Iraq!

J Murrah 

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