GOP betrayal in Georgia

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, thus giving in to pressure by the sodomite community and the anti-Christian big businesses (including the NFL) who support such perversion. The act would have protected clergymen who refuse to perform LGBT marriages. Faith-based organizations, like Christian schools, would also have been extended protection from renting facilities to any organization that held contrary beliefs.

Governor Deal, a Republican, said “I do not respond well to insults or threats” when reminded that he had been the Judas Iscariot to Georgia’s Christian community. But Deal, merely another craven politician, indeed bowed to the threats of big business to take their Almighty Dollars out of the State of Georgia and to the forces of political correctness.

The League of the South has said for the past two decades that the GOP did not represent the interest of Southerners or Christians. In fact, we pointed out that the Republicans were actual enemies of our Southern traditions and Christian faith. Nathan Deal is merely the latest GOP politician to prove how right we have been.

It’s time for Southerners to identify their enemies and kick them out of office and out of the South altogether. They mean to destroy us and all we hold dear, including our Christian faith. It is past time that we understand we are at war with an enemy that will not be placated. He only understands power. Let’s give him a dose of it.

Michael Hill

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Civil War?

America in 2016 is a tinderbox waiting for a spark. The two sides have divided up nicely and there seems no room for compromise. The inevitable conflict, which draws closer with each passing day, will not be a strictly regional one as we had in the 1860s. While there will be a regional element to it–meaning, for instance, that the South, the rural Midwest, and the mountain West will be allies–the conflict will be based more on worldview and race/ethnicity predicated largely on a rural-urban divide. One might do just as well to call it a general traditional-progressive divide.

On the urban/progressive side you have most of the basic American institutions, including nearly every level of government, especially the federal; all of the mainline and even some of the evangelical churches; the academy; the elite media; big business; the foundations; minority groups (especially Jews and blacks); and a host of anti-white whites. The strength of this faction lies in the large urban areas and other centers of education and government. They control the current “system” that runs the USA regime.

On the rural/traditionalist side are a scattering of government officials and personnel (including military and law enforcement), particularly on the State and local levels; the old-line Protestant churches, many of the Orthodox churches, and renegade pre-Vatican Two Roman Catholics; homeschooling families; right-wing internet news sources; small business owners; and what we call “normal” white people whose ancestors were counted among America’s founding stock. The geographic strength of this faction lies in the rural and some “conservative” suburban areas. This group is currently out of power but still controls a large amount of wealth, including skills and productive real estate. This group is also more religious, self sufficient, and has a tradition of gun ownership and military service.

There are a large and growing number of divisions upon which compromise is neither possible nor desirable: immigration, abortion, homosexual and trans-gender “rights;” gun control; crime and punishment; the minority question; foreign policy and war; Christianity in the public square; among many others. Urban progressives want to use the US regime to force their worldview upon their opponents and curtail dissent and opposition to the enactment of their worldview. Heretofore, rural traditionalists were content merely to be “left alone” to pursue what they defined as the “good life”–an unfettered pursuit of the “American Dream” of freedom and prosperity for themselves and their posterity.

But when one side–the urban progressive, who slowly gained control of the institutions of power and influence–began using the force of law and government to dispossess the other, that “other”–the rural traditionalist–began slowly to rouse itself as an act of survival. This process has gradually played itself out over the last half century, from the mid-1960s to the present.

At the heart of the urban progressive arsenal were three primary weapons: political correctness (aka cultural Marxism); non-white immigration (beginning with the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act); and the civil rights movement, largely writ to include feminists and homosexuals. All were designed first and foremost to foster that paralyzing and diabolical monster called “white guilt.” Indeed, white guilt has served as an effective retardant to traditional whites organizing for their own self defense over the past fifty years. Now, however, the evil spell is being broken as the urban progressives can no longer disguise their intentions. Even politically disinterested whites are beginning to see the proverbial hand writing on the wall.

So here at the beginning of 2016, another presidential election year but one that is shaping up to be anything but normal, we stand on the verge of open conflict, awaiting only a match (or as I used to hear old men say, a “lucifer”–quite an appropriate name!) to set it off. Both sides have stored up sufficient anger and hatred for the other. When the conflagration does come, it will be, I believe, hellish . . . and thorough. Much too much has been written, said, and done on both sides to expect much mercy either way. Those who allow this genie out of the bottle had best be sure of their course, for once she’s out she will stay out until the task is completed. One side wins and one loses. No quarter asked and none given. The black flag flies. When the dust settles and the carrion crows have picked the last bones clean, America’s future will have been decided: She will be in the hands of those descended from the founding stock or she will be in control of an alien power. My question to the urban progressives is this: are you ready to unleash this hell and take the consequences?

I have been accused before by those on the left of “wanting a race war.” I want neither a race war nor a civil war; I would prefer a peaceful separation, a divorce of the contending parties, secession. Our goal in The League of the South for the past two decades has been a free and independent South. We have stated many times our sincere hope this can be accomplished peacefully. But I am a realist; if war comes, we will be ready to fight for our people and our lands.

In my opinion, the urban progressives will start this conflict. Why? Because as one of their heroes, V.I. Lenin, once insisted, all avenues are open if they advance the “revolution.” This includes lies, deceit, theft, and murder. In other words, the left has no moral compunction against doing whatever is necessary to destroy their enemies and enact their objectives. We on the side of the rural traditionalists are bound by a moral code and the concept of “just war.” However, our reluctance to start a conflict ought not be mistaken for our inability to finish one. As the great Jackson said, once my sword is drawn, I throw away the scabbard.

My advice to the leaders of the urban progressive faction is simple: back off and do not start this conflict. Your leftist utopia is not worth the cost in blood, destruction, and human misery. Let’s have a peaceful “divorce” and be done with each other.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what might provide the actual spark for this American tinderbox. But in a presidential election year with major candidates (Trump, Sanders, and Hillary the Unindited) far outside the mainstream of “normal” electoral politics and a persistent threat to destroy “politics as usual,” who knows? Keep your eyes open and your powder dry.

Michael Hill

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New Orleans and Raw Power

The New Orleans city council voted 6-1 to remove four Confederate Monuments from Lee Circle (Lee, Beauregard, and Davis) and Liberty Place (which commemorated the White League defeating Reconstruction in the city in the 1860s and 1870s). I had the privilege to speak at both Lee Circle and Liberty Place back in the 1990s, so this is a bit of a personal matter to me.

The League of the South is not a “heritage organization” such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We are a Southern nationalist secessionist movement that seeks a free and independent South. But the assault against Confederate monuments in New Orleans and elsewhere is about much more than just heritage. It is about power. Specifically, it is about who has the power to destroy the other’s culture, represented in this case by these Confederate memorials.

New Orleans has not been called “Chocolate City” for nothing. Built by white Europeans and Southerners, the city once known for its high (if at times rather tawdry) civilization has been degraded to ghetto status for the most part under black and leftist rule. By removing monuments erected by and to the accomplishments of white people, the black leadership of New Orleans is flexing its political muscle. This is about sticking it to whitey.

But two can play this game. The League calls upon all white Southerners who care about their civilization to contact their municipal and county officials with demands (polite but firm) to remove all things named for or celebrating “civil rights” figures such as Martin Luther (aka Michael) King, Jr. You, Mr. and Mrs. white Southerner, can be offended, too! You can make demands of your politicians! You can raise a fuss and holler and threaten to take to the streets or conduct a local boycott! Use your imagination. Get creative. Do something! Don’t sit idly by and let this happen in your town or city. Take the offensive! You have power, if you will use it.

And a final piece of advice: don’t worry if the opposition calls you “racist.” It’s just a word that the left uses to paralyze you in fear and keep you from acting against them. Just smile and ignore it. This is their greatest fear: that you will have no fear of them and will rise in great numbers to oppose their wicked agenda. Let’s put the fear of God into them!

Michael Hill

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Racial killing in Virginia

by Michael Hill , August 26, 2015

Glock 21 .45For the last few months, The League has been warning Whites all across the South to be “situationally aware” and prepared to defend themselves, especially against the current wave of black-on-white violent crime.

This morning there was a racially-motivated killing in Moneta, Virginia, in which a negro male, Vester Flanagan II (aka Bryce Williams), shot to death two white former co-workers–reporter Alison Parker (24) and cameraman Adam Ward (27)–while they were conducting a live interview for station WDBJ-TV of Roanoke. A third white person, Vicki Gardner, was hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

Flanagan, who later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, reportedly posted a video of the shooting on social media. He was motivated, according to various reports, by “racism” against him and by the recent Charleston church shooting. “What sent me over the top was the (Charleston) church shooting,” ABC News reported from an apparent “suicide note” left by Flanagan.

After Dylann Roof killed nine blacks at a church in Charleston earlier this summer, there were calls from the elite media, establishment politicians (particularly the GOP), and the left in general for the removal of all traditional Southern and Confederate symbols. We wonder what the black community will be called upon to give up in the wake of this explicitly racially-motivated double murder. Or will the current racial double standard continue to apply? Will “racism” be an accepted excuse for murderous behavior by blacks against whites? Time will tell.

Whatever happens, we encourage whites across Dixie to be even more vigilant and prepared to defend yourselves with deadly force when necessary.

Michael Hill

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Chattanooga Murders

According to initial reports, the four U.S. Marines killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were gunned down by one Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez (41), a “naturalized citizen” from Kuwait.

We are sure that there will now be a concerted assault, from the President (see photo at right) on down, on all things Islamic in America. Moreover, the media, politicians, and the cultural talking heads all will tell us repeatedly that Islamic culture is to blame for these horrific murders. All mosques will be closed and all reminders of Islam will be removed from the public square, and Muslims themselves will be officially vilified as domestic terrorists. No more calling such events “workplace violence.”

But we won’t be holding our breath for it . . .

Michael Hill

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LS Statement on Partial-Birth Abortion

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by Michael Hill , July 14, 2015

LS button image July 2014The crimes of one “Dr.” Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood are now going viral. What did this woman do? For those who haven’t heard, she was caught on tape trying to sell human body parts of “partially aborted babies” in conjunction with her local abortion providers, in order to maximize profit. Yes, that’s quite illegal, but I guess she figured, “hey, when you’re already in the business of ‘mass death for profit’…why let a little thing like ‘legality’ stop you”?

What good is legality in a country with no morality?

Fellow Southerners, the truth is that as hard as this barbaric, horrifying news hits us, we must remember that it’s simply the newest “peek under the hood” of what really transpires everyday within the “legalized” death industry, which the radical leftists continue to impose upon the South and her people.

The League of the South condemns the barbarous actions of “Dr.” Deborah Nucatola.

The League of the South condemns the criminal syndicate known as “Planned Parenthood”.

The League of South condemns the trafficking of body parts of murdered babies.

The League of the South upholds the sanctity and value of human life.

The League of the South affirms man as made in God’s image.

The League of the South upholds God’s Biblical laws and standards as the only legitimate basis for local, state, and federal law.

We’ve opposed the odious institution of abortion since our founding in 1994. We’ll go on opposing it until it is destroyed.

Southerners, let us remember that the only reason why heinous acts like abortion are even possible or legal in the South is that the radical, liberal, iron-fisted U.S. legal system forces our people to permit these atrocities within Southern borders. American rule of the South is a tyranny which is allowing mass murder under color of “law” in our communities. So long as the South is under control of the U. S. regime, a handful of leftist judges can and will force abortion, gay marriage, and other godless actions upon our people at any time they wish.

Let us be clear. Without the US government in Washington, DC, enforcing the will of literally five liberal judges at any given time, we Southerners could instantly stop the murder of thousands of babies a day. We could instantly stop hundreds of thousands of murders per year.

Southern men and women, you can continue to pray for a miracle in DC, and stay subjugated to the power that forces this upon you, or you can join us to help stop it much sooner, and forever.

Secession is how we stop the mass murder in our precious Southern land. Without Washington, DC, over us, most every Southern State would almost instantly make moves to clamp down on this unmitigated evil.

Without Washington, DC, over us, Southerners could craft laws based on Christian social mores and principles.

Without Washington, DC, over us, Southerners could rebuild a truly Christian nation in Dixie that cherishes human life for the treasure God made it.

Many evangelicals have been calling the United States a “Christian nation” for years. It’s past time that those evangelicals snapped out of it. The League of the South calls the United States what it is: a godless, criminal, murderous regime, which has institutionalized and protected death industries on multiple levels for far too long.

The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. Don’t you think this sinful, godless American empire has enough innocent blood on its hands? Do you think it’s high time to end abortion and these unspeakable practices once and for all in Dixie?

Southern men, and women, are you ready to secede yet? Then join us.

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It will do you good to remember

Being the time of year near Texas Independence Day, it is good to remember the Travis letter and his call for help. He addresses it to Texans and Americans. He intentionally drew a distinction, because there is one. He knew it then and we should remember that now.

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Where we agree with the left

This morning I happened on a “conservative” radio talk show where the host and guest (and I have no idea who either was) were lamenting the fact that “liberals” wanted to divide everyone on the basis of race, class, sexual orientation, etc., etc. Instead, these men argued, we all should put aside such distinctions and be “good Americans.” After all, when a man–no matter where he’s from or what his background is–comes to America and accepts certain propositions, then he becomes an American. And, again, a “good American” will recognize no divisive distinctions.

We Southern nationalists in The League must disagree with these “conservatives.” There are natural distinctions among different groups of humans that simply cannot be swept under the rug, as it were. Yes, the Left does divide humanity up into groups, both favored and damned from their perspective. And so do we.

We and the Left understand that history is replete with struggles between and among these people groups. To us, it is the natural course of black-hearted men in a fallen world trying to overcome their own sinful natures, destroy evil, and regain Eden; to the Left it is a set of external (to man) problems to be solved by Progress which involves the manufacturing of rights and their application through activist governments to favored groups. Such things cannot be papered over and ignored, as “conservatives” are wont to do. Different peoples and cultures with radically different belief systems cannot co-exist in “equality” within the same geographical area. One will dominate and eventually dispossess and destroy the other. No silly propositions can overcome this reality.

The Left takes this struggle seriously enough to see if for what it is: their side vs. ours. And no quarter shall be given nor none asked. That’s the way we Southern nationalists (and all nationalists) see it as well. It’s either us or them who succeeds in controlling this piece of Creation; we cannot live together simply because we have opposing belief systems that will not allow for compromise.

But Pollyanna “conservatism” continues to live in a fairyland world that never was and never will be. That is why they are, and really always have been, irrelevant.

So as odd as it may seem, we do have something in common with the Left. However, we have nothing in common with mainstream GOP “conservatism.” May it fade away as the lukewarm entity it is and in the process clear the decks for the battle between real enemies in the 21st century. Then we can truly begin to solve the issue, one way or another.

Michael Hill
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Michael Hill

Dr Michael Hill is President of the League of the South. He is a retired university professor of history and author of two books on Celtic warfare.
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Support for Alabama’s Sanctity of Marriage Amendment

28 January 2015

The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, supports Chief Justice Roy Moore and other elected State officials in their defense of Alabama’s Sanctity of Marriage Amendment.

That amendment, favored by well over 80% of Alabama citizens, was recently challenged by federal judge Callie Granade of the US District Court for the Southern District of Alabama. Judge Granade believes that Alabama should be forced to recognize and accept homosexual “marriage.”

The Alabama Constitution makes clear that the State of Alabama recognizes the Biblical origins and sacred nature of the institution of marriage. The US federal government has no legal authority to meddle in this holy institution that pairs a man and woman and represents the building block of our society.

To profane such a holy institution by applying it to homosexuals is not only against the law and an affront to the will of the people of Alabama; it is also an abomination to God.

We encourage Chief Justice Moore, Governor Robert Bentley, Alabama’s Probate Judges, and all other elected officials to stand firm against this federal diktat.

We in The League see this as just another of the many reasons the State of Alabama and her sister Southern States ought to be free and independent of Washington, DC.

Our members stand ready to defend the honor of our noble State.

For further information, call 1-800-888-2163 or e-mail .

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Smart Meter Information

An interesting video on smart meters. The smart meter and smart grid are dangerous. Protect yourself and your family.

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