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An interesting video on smart meters. The smart meter and smart grid are dangerous. Protect yourself and your family.

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The GOP victory at the polls

A word on the GOP victory at the polls

The GOP has no excuses now that they control both houses of Congress. Once their new majorities are seated, they can begin dismantling ObamaCare, turning back Amnesty, securing the USA borders, stopping abortion, overturning gun restrictions, and a whole host of other things real conservatives would do when they took power. But don’t hold your breath. We are dealing with the GOP, not real rightists. What we will have is “more of the same.” Please don’t get fooled again, Mr. and Mrs. Southerner.–Michael Hill

This, in general, should be our message to the Southern people.



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What about Scottish Independence.

A recent article in the National Journal interviewed three independence movements in the empire to find out how they view the upcoming Scottish Independence vote. Here is a link,

Included are Cascadia, the Second Vermont Republic and the League of the South. The upcoming vote is even inspiring the Bavarian national party to secede from Germany. Free people are wanting their freedom.

Liberty for Texas!


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Congratulations, Leftists, you have won. You have taken over the West and now your worldview is triumphant. Europe, America, and the other former lands of Christendom lie in your grasp. The Age of Enlightened Utopia has arrived. So, congratulations, Leftists, you have won.

But what is it that you have won? You have made White gentiles, particularly Christians, afraid and ashamed to stand up for their God and thus for the civilization with which He blessed them. Quite a feat, really, considering there was a time when Christian men would actually fight for their patrimony and declare it good. But not these modern “men”—clergy included, sadly—who whimper and moan their mea culpas on cue about all the wrongs of which they have been charged by the Left: racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, etc., etc.

Now, thanks to your victory, these are no limits on what a man—or surely a woman–may be or become. Be trans-gendered and marry your pet! The bursting of the bonds of narrow Christian limitations is manifest in a thousand new human rights discovered every day in the unfettered Leftist imagination! And we silly traditionalists thought those Universal Human Rights were going to end with the civil rights movement to give the darker races equality.

You have told us that all men, and all cultures, are equal. Or at least men have been forced to say they believe that they are. Procrustes has nothing on you! And once a man convinces himself of the rightness and goodness—and the necessity—of Equality, he will then lay down everything he values on that altar. Even to the point of destroying the future for his children and grandchildren to prove how enlightened he is. Otherwise, he could lose his job and starve to death, along with his family.

In your quest for Equality, you victorious Leftists have made it manifest in the material world. It’s not good enough to keep it in slogans—“All men are created equal.” No, it must be brought down to the material world in the form of the franchise and swag . . . and sometimes even jobs (but really cushy ones from which the unqualified employee cannot be terminated). And because you don’t believe in God or sin, you have convinced the rest of us that all evil is external to man himself and can be eradicated by the right sort of education and social programs. So we now have the modern, post-Christian education system in all its eloquent glory (Common Core here we come!) Moreover, we have the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Caesar/God-on-the-Potomac and its counterpart in Brussels to give us our daily bread (and other “free” stuff). Never mind that they are financially bankrupt . . .

Speaking of all that prosperity that somehow just magically appeared (you didn’t do that yourself, as Obama reminded us) in all those White Christian countries, you have convinced the non-White, Third World that it deserves a share of it all. Hence, you have set a devouring Free Shit Army on a worldwide march, destination London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Stockholm, and all our hamlets, large and small, here in the New World. You have given husky legs to Jean Raspail’s dystopian novel, Camp of the Saints, of the 1970s, just as I once told my university students that you would!

You, O conquering Leftists, have Imagined! And in doing so you’ve not only imagined away Heaven . . . and Hell, but borders as well. We used to have those, and they denoted our nations’ political boundaries. To cross one without permission was an egregious violation that often led to death and war. But it also kept traditional men in their respective places, something you did not like. It gave us backward thinking Neanderthals something we could call “ours.” So now that White countries are allowed no borders (and no, Israel is NOT a White country), we have become little more than extended-stay motels (run of course by Indians) for the world. As the mantra says: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, and White Countries for everyone! We have no place to call our own anymore, and if we dare claim we do we are quickly put back in our place by the usual epithet: racist, xenophobic Nazi whowantstokillsixmillionjews! And we slink back to our diminished (and still diminishing) little corners.

Oh, I could go on but what’s the use. We know what you’ve done to undermine our civilization. We know the plan. But there remain a couple of questions. To be truthful, how are you going to explain to the teeming masses for whom you have presumably created this Brave New World that it’s really not their interests that motivate you, but merely your own? And you will have to explain that when your promised Utopia fails to live up to its billing as Savior of the Downtrodden. And it is failing . . . and will eventually crash and burn.

But that was the plan all along, wasn’t it. It wasn’t to make a better world for the poor and disadvantaged. They are just your do-gooder foil, the mask to hide the monster. It was to satiate your misanthropic hunger because just beneath that sanctimonious visage you are a hater of all that is truly human. Yours is the Cloward-Piven strategy on steroids for the whole world! Wealth, power, and position is your game. And your end goal is the same as it was in the Garden so long ago: The Serpent wants to replace God and rule humanity. You are the Serpent’s offspring, the children of the Father of Lies.

But you know you still have a prickly problem to face, right? Some of us will not recognize your “victory” as permanent. We will not go quietly into that night, to paraphrase one of our great poets. We will bitterly cling to our God and our guns. We will fight back, and you know it. In fact, you knew all along that we—White men and women of European descent, the inheritors of Christendom—were your only real nemesis on this earth. And you knew from the start what that meant if you were to achieve complete victory: you would have to eliminate us. But you were not sure you could pull it off, were you? It also made you feel a little creepy and hypocritical, didn’t it? I mean, after all the whining and moaning you have done (and still do) about past examples of genocide, you really had to make us believe you were the perpetual victims, even as you sharpened your blades to eviscerate us.

Well, some of us are on to you and your plans. We will no longer play the game on your turf and by your rules. We will no longer succumb to White Guilt. We are throwing off your shackles. We are rising in Europe and in America. We are nationalists—French, English, Scottish, German, Danish, Swedish, and Southern, among others—and our lands and our civilizations belong to us. Your universalism is doomed. And so are you. So enjoy your little short-lived triumph before the breaking wave of nationalism washes you away.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama
3 June 2014

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Southern Support for Secession in Crimea


17 March 2014

Re: Southern support for secession in Crimea

For immediate release

The League of the South, the premier Southern Nationalist organization, supports the people of Crimea in their legitimate vote in favor of secession from Ukraine.

“The principle of self-determination of nations,” said League President Michael Hill, “is the basis for the survival, well being, and independence of distinct peoples around the world. Secession from Ukraine and subsequent alliance with the Russian Federation is what the people of Crimea wanted, and it was expressed by an overwhelming vote at the polls.”

The League encourages the USA regime to keep out of affairs that are none of its business. Hill continued: “Washington, DC, is inserting itself into a matter that should be of concern only to the peoples of Russian, Crimea, and Ukraine. By doing so, it makes itself once again the enemy of the self-determination of nations and the friend of consolidation and tyranny. We Southerners were the first to feel the boot heel of American centralization in 1865, and we understand why the rest of the world sees Uncle Sam as a self-interested meddler.”

The League seeks the survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people and in turn wishes to see that blessing granted to all distinct, historic peoples of the world. In turn, The League opposes the global elites that seek to destroy traditional nations and cultures in the name of global democracy and liberal principles.

For more information on The League, see

or our Facebook page at
. To reach us by phone, call 800.888.3163. By e-mail at

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Obamacare? FATCA? Light Bulbs? Remember Lloyd Doggett

In going through the news, I was astounded at the headline “Why Didn’t Someone Tell Us Obamacare Would Cut Medicare?“. On reading it, I was dumbfounded. Anyone who paid attention during the debate knew that Obamacare was cutting medicare. We even mentioned it here. At that time, the focus was on Congress Critter Lloyd Doggett who knew full well that such cuts were included. When there was a backlash at one of the local grocery stores, the Medicare issue was mentioned. He was the same CONgress Critter who checked id’s and held carefully orchestrated town meetings so that the truth about Obamacare was not known to his constituents.

I guess folks did not listen or read news reports addressing those matters. They were caught up in the wonderful promises and did not look at what the real price tag would be. Coming soon is another piece of legislation that Doggett authored legislation that gave us FATCA (as part of the 2010 HIRE act). This act (FATCA) is becoming a major international boondoggle and triggering the renouncing of US citizenship by ever increasing numbers of people. Few people remember who authored or sponsored bad legislation. It is often only years later that the reality of how bad legislation really is comes to light. By then, many CONgress Critters are gone or hope that people have short memories of what they did. Here at the Texas League of the South, we remember what CONgressman Doggett did to Texas, to those on Medicare and to Americans around the world now trying to make sense of the legislation he was a big part of in FATCA. I hope that Texans going to the voting booths remember this as well.

He also was one of the supporters of the light bulb ban. So the next time you want a 75-watt or hundred watt bulb and can not find them, remember Lloyd Doggett. He sold us out then. It is bad enough that we have socialists like Sheila Jackson-Lee who views Congress’ purpose as to give the head of the regime executive orders to sign. We also have to be home to the likes of Doggett and the legislation that he and his democratic colleagues crammed down our throats.

For Texas Liberty!

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The smart grid and government: A bad combination

In the past, we warned you about the smart grid and smart meters. Now others are waking up to the danger of these threats. In an article published today entitled The Real Consequences of Corporatism, “Smart” Grid and Corrupt Government, the dangers of the smart grid are discussed including the falsified scientific reports hiding the dangers of the smart grid. The reality is that power lines pose threats to all life close by. Rather than learning to live with nature and be good stewards, they disrupt nature. It goes further and discusses the symptoms people report experiencing after installing smart meters. Symptoms like headaches, insomnia, foggy thinking and heart palpitations are already being reported. You need to ask yourself are you willing to put your health and security at risk by installing a smart meter, and being part of the so-called smart grid?

These innovations are being used to set up control systems, not to improve your lives. The empire is already moving in the direction of energy ratings for your homes, which came out this week. Is it really any of their or anyone else’s business how much energy you use or what appliances you have on at what times? This amounts to early steps to energy rationing. How long do you think it will be before we have energy rationing at the rate things are now moving? The smart meter allows them to monitor your energy use at home, along with whatever other information your appliances will start monitoring about you. This is not freedom, this is control.

Instead of more government control, even in the form of smart grids and smart meters, we need liberty.

Liberty for Texas!


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Phil Robertson and A&E


19 December 2013

Re: Phil Robertson and A&E

For Immediate Release

The League of the South, the premier Southern Nationalist organization, supports Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty in his Biblical condemnation of sodomy. Moreover, we encourage our members and supporters to boycott the A&E Channel and their advertisers until they issue a sincere apology to Mr. Robertson and end his suspension from the program.

League President Michael Hill said the following: “The executives at the A&E Channel have shown their contempt for Mr. Robertson’s right to speak the truth from God’s own word about the sordid nature of sodomy. This is merely one more incident that proves that the purveyors of American popular culture are committed to an anti-Christian and anti-Southern agenda of hatred and lies. We urge Southerners and others of good will to support Mr. Robertson and to let the A&E Channel know that they will not be watching Duck Dynasty or buying the products of their advertisers until this matter is rightly settled.”

The League of the South can be reached for further comment at (800) 888-3163 or at More information can be found at

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Billboard Project/Marco Rubio

Secede’ billboard project in Tallahassee
December 17, 2013

The League of the South will hold a demonstration against Senator Marco Rubio and his support for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants on 8 March 2014 in Tallahassee, Florida. The demonstration will build on a series of similar events in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida. We are currently raising funds to put up a large “Secede” billboard in Tallahassee prior to the demonstration. Polls and petitions indicate that millions of Southerners view the US government as a threat to their freedom and desire independence from Washington, DC. Unfortunately, few elected officials represent such views. The demonstration against Rubio and amnesty will be a perfect opportunity for The League to promote independence as the only real solution to the Federal Government’s continued tyranny. What better way to get out that message, promote The League, and attract media interest than with a large billboard in a State capital bearing the simple, direct message of “Secede”?

We are currently seeking out the best deal possible on the billboard. However, early indications are that the cost will be in the neighborhood of $2,000. This presents a formidable challenge but one we can meet. We ask our members and supporters to help us take our message directly to the people and elected officials. The easiest way for readers to help is to go to our

website and make an online donation via PayPal. If you prefer, you can send a check noted “billboard” to the LS office at PO Box 760, Killen, AL 35645. Thanks in advance for your generous support.

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What is Sheila Jackson-Lee up to?

In a recent news article, it was reported that CONgress Critter Sheila Jackson-Lee wants working men and women to have unemployment benefits as well. Given that she is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Yale, and the fact that she is still in office indicates that despite her antics that she has some smarts. On the surface this latest episode looks like she is loosing it. After reading the article and thinking through her actions, I realized that this is nothing more than a backdoor way into ‘redistribution of wealth’ which is a major socialist goal. (Note: She and Eddie Bernice Johnson are known for their socialist ploys and policies).

Any way that you slice it, she is just wanting go give away more of your money. She wants to see to it that MORE people start feeling entitled to YOUR money. Let that sink in. She thinks that the employed and unemployed are each entitled to MORE of your money.

If this is the mindset of the people of the 18th Texas Congressional District, we have problems. She is a threat to you economically and politically.

For Liberty,


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